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We aim at creating a TiGRE community of actors who are actively engaged in participating in the project’s goals and outcomes. Our professional community of end-users, including practitioners and stakeholders from the regulatory regimes under scrutiny in TiGRE, shall enable information exchange, debate and active participation.

Whether you would like to participate to our TiGRE Stakeholder Forum meetings or cooperate with us via our other research initiatives, please feel free to contact us via the dedicated form.

TiGRE Stakeholder Forum Meeting

The TiGRE project organised its Stakeholder Forum meetings to present and discuss the key research findings from our studies of trust relationships in governance. These meetings gathered multiple actors involved in the regulation of three high-value sectors: food safety, finance and data protection.

Webpage of the second TiGRE Stakeholder Forum meeting & "TiGRE White Paper” workshop
Summary report of the first TiGRE Stakeholder Forum meeting
Emmanuelle Mathieu, Edoardo Guaschino and Monika Glavina
10 June 2021

Cooperate with us

Join our
research initiatives
  • Active participation for future societal and daily life benefit

  • Public & private stakeholders, citizens at large

  • Online questionnaires for large-scale survey; interviews

  • Online courses, policy roundtables, webinars

Join our
Stakeholder Forum meetings
  • Platform for societal debate on trust-enhancing policies in EU regulatory governance

  • Public & private stakeholders, media

  • Participatory research: discussion, validation & interpretation of TiGRE outcomes

  • Guidance for TiGRE research directions & objectives

  • Network of academics and practitioners

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870722 (TiGRE).