TiGRE final conference: call for papers and panels now open

The TiGRE final conference will be organised as part of the 9th Biennal Conference of ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance, which will be hosted by the University of Antwerpen (BE) on 12-14 July 2023.

As part of the TiGRE final conference, various activities will be offered by the consortium members, incl. keynote, round table presenting the main project results, and a series of panels on the topic of trust in regulatory governance.

The UAntwerpen team, in their capacity as Organising Committee, is glad to invite proposals for panels or individual papers for the TiGRE final conference and/or the 2023 Biennial ECPR RegGov conference "Regulatory Governance in Times of Turbulence, Disruptive Technologies and Crises of Trust".

Call for papers and panels: open until 15 March 2023.

Further details about the theme and topics of the conference, registration and submission process can be found on the conference website.

TiGRE final conference: save the dates!

The TiGRE consortium, together with the Steering Committee of the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance and GOVTRUST, are glad to announce the dates and location of the 2023 Biennial Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance: 12-14 July 2023 in Antwerp (Belgium).

The TiGRE final conference will be integrated to this ECPR Regulatory Governance conference, with keynote linked to “trust and regulation” as well as with large TiGRE section running through the conference incl. paper presentation, panel chairing etc.

The call for papers will be launched very soon and more information will follow.

Please already save the dates in your agenda!

Season's greetings from TiGRE

TiGRE at a Workshop with the Inspection Council of the Netherlands

Stephan Grimmelikhuijsen (UU team) will gladly represent TiGRE at a symposium entitled "Hoe zorg je voor vertrouwen in toezicht van de burger?" ("How to ensure public trust in regulation?") organised with the Inspectieraad (Inspection Council) in the Netherlands on 17 November 2022.

This workshop aims at sharing the latest scientific insights on the relation between regulatory agencies and public trust with the employees of various Dutch Inspectorates.

As part of this workshop, Stephan Grimmelikhuijsen will deliver a presentation entitled "Zorgt “streng maar rechtvaardig” toezicht voor meer publiek vertrouwen?", which can be translated as "Does “strict but just” regulation result in more public trust?". He will focus on the key results from the TiGRE Work Package WP5, published in the research report D5.2 entitled "Effects of regulatory instruments and enforcement styles on citizen trust" (available here for download).

Joint publication by IBEI & HUJI in Journal of European Public Policy

The IBEI and HUJI teams, both involved in the TiGRE project, jointly published a journal article in which they studied the impact of various regulatory tools and designs on citizens' trust in firms in the field of financial technologies (Fintech).

The results, which are based on two original experimental surveys, are published in the Journal of European Public Policy.

Pre-print is openly available on the SSRN repository (Social Science Research Network) using this link.

New publication by UAntwerpen in European Law Journal

The UAntwerpen team studied the relationship between the rule-of-law-backsliding in some EU Member States and trust among national authorities when implementing European Arrest Warrants (EAW). Drawing on the trust literature, their paper, published in the European Law Journal, offers novel conceptual elements to rethink mutual trust in the EAW framework in order to bridge the gap between trust in practice and in principle.

Full article is available in open access using this link.

TiGRE Consortium Meeting CM7

After almost three years into the project, TiGRE organised its seventh Consortium Meeting on 04 November 2022.

Despite the online format, it was a productive meeting, allowing for efficient discussions about the next steps until the end of the project (planned in September 2023), including scientific publication strategy and upcoming public events to maximise outreach of the key results generated during the project.

Stay tuned for more info on our upcoming events!

New publication by UNIL about citizens' trust in regulatory agencies

Based on the experiments on citizens’ trust in both regulators and regulatees conducted in six countries as part of the TiGRE work package WP5, the TiGRE Project Coordinator Martino Maggetti (UNIL) has just released a brief article on the UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab website.

The piece entitled "Trust, but notify" is available by clicking here.

OECD Report Launch: Webinar

Jacint Jordana, Director of the Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI) and leader of WP4 in TiGRE, gladly attended the OECD Network of Economic Regulators (NER) Webinar as a panellist to discuss the launch of the OECD report about "Equipping Agile and Autonomous Regulators".

During this webinar, held on 19 September 2022, our TiGRE external advisor Martha Baxter (Acting Senior Policy Analyst, Public Governance Directorate, OECD) presented the key findings from this OECD report based on a survey of 57 economic regulators across 31 countries in order to discuss the implications of funding and staffing arrangements for regulators’ autonomy, agility, accountability, transparency and ability to deliver.

More information is available here.

TiGRE at the EGPA conference

Koen Verhoest (UAntwerpen) and Moritz Kappler (Uni-Speyer) gladly co-chaired the panel session about "TiGRE: Trust in Governance and Regulation in Europe" which was held as part of the EGPA 2022 Conference on 06-09 September 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal.

During the panel session, after a short introduction to the TiGRE project given by Koen Verhoest and Marko Hack (PhD student at Uni-Speyer), three papers were presented:

  1. The impact of trustworthy regulatory agencies on regulatory regime performance - Authors: K. Verhoest, F. Six, D. Latusek, J. Wynen, S. Grimmelikhuijsen, M. Kappler, D. Levi-Faur, M. Maggetti, H. Houlberg Salomonsen, JC. Triviño, J. Trondal
  2. Trust within EU multi-level regulatory regimes – theoretical reflections and experimental evidence - Authors: M. Kappler; R. M. Schomaker; K. Verhoest, T. Bach
  3. Good faith trust versus watchful trust: How high trust in actors in regulatory regimes influence regime performance and legitimacy - Authors: K. Verhoest, J. Wynen, E. Guaschino, M. Maggetti

The TiGRE participants acknowledge the EGPA conference organisers as it was the perfect environment to connect TiGRE with very interesting public administration scholars and practitioners!

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